International leaders for Implementation Science will be in Singapore to deliver this workshop. Participants will become familiar with the basics of implementation science research and relevant theories, models, and frameworks. They will learn how to apply implementation science in research and practice. They will also gain a good understand of the i-PARIHS framework and learn how to use it for real world projects.

A two days face-to-face workshop covering the basics of implementation science (Day 1) and then a deep dive into using the i-PARIHS framework (Day 2)
Faculty from Flinders University have made local customization to this Implementation Science Workshop. Participants will learn:
- Applied health services research with a focus on implementation science
- Concepts and applications of implementation science
- Clinical and health services research use cases in Singapore

DAY 1: An Introduction to Implementation Science
- What is implementation science?

- Why do we need it?
- Barriers and enablers of implementation
- Implementation theories, models, and frameworks
- Evidence-informed implementation strategies
- Applying implementation science in research and practice

Day 2: The Integrated Promoting Action of Research Implementation in Health Services (i-PARIHS) Framework
- What is the i-PARIHS framework
- How does it compare to other implementation theories and frameworks?
- When and how to apply it in implementation practice and research
- Studies applying and evaluating i-PARIHS
- The facilitation component of i-PARIHS: facilitation roles and processes

The Workshop will be conducted by:
  Professor Gill Harvey has a clinical background in nursing and is Matthew Flinders Professor of Health Services and Implementation Research in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Flinders University. She is a Deputy Director (Knowledge Translation) in the College’s Caring Futures Institute and is a Co-Director of the Aged Care Partnering Program in the centre for Aged Care Research and Industry Innovation Australia (ARIIA). Gill is an Adjunct Professor of Implementation Science at Queensland University of Technology and an Affiliated Researcher at Dalarna University in Sweden. Gill is one of the developers of the Promoting Action of Research Implementation in Health Services (PARIHS and i-PARIHS) frameworks.
  Dr Elizabeth Lynch is a physiotherapist and Matthew Flinders Fellow at Flinders University. Liz co-chairs the Australian and New Zealand Stroke Clinical Guidelines working group, and much of her research is focused on investigating implementation of evidence in stroke rehabilitation settings, working closely with people with lived experience of stroke and health professionals. Liz is a keen advocate for health professionals to develop skills and confidence to implement evidence and she regularly runs workshops on implementing evidence-based care with national and international clinical teams.


DUKE-NUS Medical School, 9am to 5pm
Day 1: Training Room 5C (Level 5)
Day 2: Training Room 7C (Level 7)

Healthcare Professionals, Researchers and Students

S$250 (For One Day)
S$450 (For Two Days)

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May 8 (Day 1 only - SGD$250 inclusive of GST)
May 9 (Day 2 only - SGD$250 inclusive of GST)
May 8 and 9 (Day 1 and Day 2 - SGD$450 inclusive of GST)


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One Day: SGD$250
Two Days: SGD$450
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Healthcare Professionals, Researchers, Students