The Self-Regulated Learning Experience



Research has shown that Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) is strongly associated with academic performance and course completion across all educational settings, where poor SRL can lead to lower academic performance and higher course attrition. SRL is especially important at the university level where the study load becomes heavier and more academically difficult, as well as for online and blended courses where learning is shifted toward being more self-directed.Based on the fundamentals of strategic learning, the practice of SRL can help students to do well in their studies.

This is a self-directed course especially designed to give learners a Self-Regulated Learning experience. It provides a comprehensive Self-Regulated Learning Self-Awareness Survey (SRL-SAS) for learners to self-appraise their levels of competence in the various domains of SRL. Based on the results of the learner’s SRL-SAS, a course based on their perceived weaknesses in the identified SRL domains is personalised for them. 

At present, this is a free course, available to learners, with limited seats per month.

This course is hosted in the ePSRL Management System.

The ePSRL Management System is designed to be utilised as a Self-Regulated Learning environment for delivery of courses.

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