C³P²E - Online Course Design


This course serves to guide developers/instructors at Duke-NUS to design and implement their courses in Brightspace. Other educators are welcome to sign up for the course.                                

C3P2E Online Course Design is a 3-stage, 6-component design  framework.                                                                                       

The first stage is the Core Stage that is made up of three (03) components (Content, Communication and Evaluation). The Core Stage includes the development of components that are essential fundamentals for a successful learning experience. These components must be present in all online/blended courses.                                                                       

The second stage is the Enhancement Stage that is made up of two (02) components (Community and Personalisation). The Enhancement Stage consists of components that are proven to have great potential to value add to the components in the Core Stage to enhance student learning experience. However, both components are not compulsory in the course development process. The decision to develop both components in an online/blended course is made by the Course Developer.                       

The third stage is the Consolidation Stage. In the Consolidation Stage, a strategic marketing plan is put in place to ensure the sustainability of the course. This stage is important if the course’s success is dependent on its student intake numbers. 

 In this course, one will learn to:

  • create course content
  • deliver course content through different learning activities
  • evaluate learning and learning environments

At present, this is a free course, available to educators and course developers, with limited seats per month.

Please contact Henry Khiat at elearning@duke-nus.edu.sg if you would like to discuss further about C3P2E Online Course Design.

Price: S$0.00