Learning @ Brightspace Effectively


This course is open to Duke-NUS medical students or continuing education students to familarise with the learning environment of Brightspace LMS used here.The video lectures below show the basic functions a learner needs to know so as to navigate and use the learning environment effectively.

The learning objectives are:

  • Customise your account settings to reflect you personal preferences.
  • Create a personal profile to develop meaningful connections with others in the course.
  • Develop comfort navigating the common elements of the learning environment.
  • Control how you receive information about course activity by editing your notification preferences.
  • Use the Classlist tool to learn about and connect with everyone who is participating in the course.
  • View and review course materials in the Content tool.
  • Share thoughts and comments on course topics in the Discussions tool.
  • Access a course's quizzes or tests from the Quizzes tool.
  • Submit course assignments via the Dropbox tool.
  • Review grades and feedback in assignments by accessing the Grades tool.
  • Check your learning progress through the User Progress tool.

At present, this is a free course, available to Duke-NUS students.


Price: S$0.00