General Practice Dermatology Workshops (July 21 – Apr 22)

Dermatologists from three institutions have come together to produce an interactive and engaging series of workshops to empower primary care doctors with the skills and expertise to provide sufficient and appropriate first-line dermatologic care to common skin problems in the community.

Course Objectives
- Identify common presentations of community-prevalent skin conditions
- Formulate and distinguish between differential diagnoses of common skin problems
- Order relevant investigations
- Discuss therapeutic options and institute appropriate treatments contextualized to severity of condition, diagnostic likelihoods, patient’s resources and mindsets
- Make appropriate and timely specialist referrals

Dates: Jul 2021 to April 2022

Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Participants may select any or all of the online workshop sessions as listed below.

Click on the individual topics to register for each session.

Date Title
3 Jul 21 Eczema Part 1 (Registration Closed)
17 Jul 21 Psoriasis (Registration Closed)
7 Aug 21 Acne Part 1 (Registration Closed)
21 Aug 21 Acne Part 2 (Registration Closed)
4 Sep 21 Hair Disorders (Registration Closed)
18 Sep 21 Eczema Part 2 (Registration Closed)
2 Oct 21 Blistering and Oral Dermatoses (Registration Closed)
16 Oct 21 Skin Problems in Elderly (Registration Closed)
6 Nov 21 Pigmentary Disorders (Registration Closed)
20 Nov 21 Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions (Registration Closed)
4 Dec 21 Skin Conditions in Systemic Disease e.g. DM, CRD, Obesity (Registration Closed)
18 Dec 21 Skin infections and Infestations (Registration Closed)
8 Jan 22 STI (Registration Closed)
22 Jan 22 Pregnancy and Other Common Dermatoses e.g. Papulosquamous Disorders (e.g. LP, PR)
5 Feb 22 Nail Disorders
19 Feb 22 Paediatric Dermatoses Part 1
5 Mar 22 Worrying Rashes
19 Mar 22 Paediatric Dermatoses Part 2
2 Apr 22 Urticaria and Angioedema
16 Apr 22 Skin Tumours


*Please note that registration for each workshop is closed one day before its commencement.

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Details for the individual sessions will be sent to you via email on the Monday of the session's week.

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Refund Policy
Refunds may only be possible for requests submitted at least 3 days before start of the course, please kindly email with your invoice, payment method and reason for cancellation. Kindly note that refund process may take up to one month.



Certificate of Participation
(For attendees who signed up for the whole series or have attended at least 16 of the workshops)

$25 per workshop (Inc GST) 

CME points pending

Webinar via Zoom


Polyclinic doctors, GPs, family medicine residents, MOs and other subspecialty doctors